Matador Launch New e-Book Services

Self-publishing service provider Matador has launched a new suite of e-book-only production and marketing services. The e-book services can be used on their own or alongside an author’s printed books and the services include copyediting, proofreading, file conversion, bespoke cover design, bibliographic data set-up and management via ONIX for Books (an industry standard protocol communication tool) and e-book distribution. Matador, owned by Troubador Publishing UK, an independent publisher of business and academic books, is one of a handful of publishers operating a self-publishing imprint with full trade-channel distribution.
In preparation for the launch of Matador’s new e-book suite of services, the company developed a specific e-publishing department which will be run by eBook Programme Manager, Amy Chadwick. For some time I’ve felt that Matador’s e-book programme for authors was drastically underdeveloped and it was something I highlighted in my updated review of their services last year. Amy Chadwick explains a lot of the reasoning and investment behind this launch of services.

“We’ve spent time in getting our ebook program right. It would have been easy to jump on the epublishing bandwagon sooner, but the company ethos is all about quality. We know that we’ve now got the best distribution, marketing and file conversion in place so that the reader experience is the best it can be.”

One recent development for publishers has been NetGalley, a secure delivery system for digital galleys (pre-publication) for the professional reading community made up of reviewers, journalists, librarians and booksellers. Matador has been quick to utilize this service in its eBook Programme and has become the first self-publishing service provider in the UK to use it.
Sarah Taylor, Troubador’s Marketing Assistant, says that one of the goals of the new e-Book Programme was to offer authors something more when it came to e-book marketing packages.

“Our ebook marketing packages are designed to give authors the edge in the vibrant ebook marketplace. Our wide range of services ensures there is something for all budgets, but all still offering the high quality we are renowned for.”


Matador’s basic e-book service will cost £350 (+VAT) and includes file conversion, bespoke cover design, ISBN allocation, data management and worldwide distribution. Copyediting will come as an optional service. However, this service will be available to authors for £150 (+VAT) if they intend publishing alongside a paper edition. There will be two marketing packages, a Starter (£300 +VAT), which will include, the preparation of a press release for the author (a number to be will be sent to press distribution sites), a minimum of one month’s inclusion on NetGalley, e-book listing with Matador, access to the Matador Advice Centre. The Extended eBook Marketing package (£450 +VAT) adds on a bespoke and targeted list of media publications, 100 postcards, the NetGalley email widget, and a quarter-page advert in The Self-Publishing Magazine.


Full details of Matador’s e-Book Programme can be found here on their website.

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