Manning Follows Marcus in Slur Campaign

Some of you may remember me earlier this year highlighting the appalling online smear campaign prosecuted on Michael N. Marcus of and Silver Sands Books. It was a harrowing experience for Michael and his family and demonstrated how easily someone can use the Internet through services like Google Blogger, Facebook and other social networking resources to incite hatred, suggest and imply sexual and illegal impropriety, besmear, defame and ultimately attempt to destroy a person and their business solely on the basis of  a deep dislike or difference of opinion. The worse practice of this is often perpetrated by those who have no actual direct link, practical or imagined loss, to the actions of the person targeted.
The latest campaign has begun against Stephen Manning of Checkpoint Press and bears the remarkable hallmarks of the one conducted against Michael N. Marcus earlier this year; suggested impropriety against underage women, business malpractice, defamation of character; and again showing an unhealthy obsession with the person targeted. Like the Marcus case, once again, serious accusations are made without any concrete foundations being provided.
The current Facebook page making these allegations has been set up by a so-called ‘private investigator’, and requests information on the perpetrator to be sent to them. needless to say, it is filled with spelling and grammatical errors, legal errors, no serious professional would dare to publish.

“3 defensless[sic] woman[sic] in England”

“One of these woman[sic]”

“in actual fact Maanning[sic] himself”

“If you have had any bad experiences with Steven T Manning please feel free to share them with us here.”
As I have pointed out above, the Facebook page is hardly a forum for exchange on such matters between any ‘informed civilian’ and a ‘private detective’, and in this case, Inspector Clouseau’s page doesn’t give us any contact link either way even if we did have information.
Much of the older themes trotted out during the run up to the Diggory Press court case in November 2009 (two of the three claimant cases were awarded against Diggory) are raised again here and were dismissed or not even entertained by the court back then.
“volition to tell there[sic] own horror stories of there[sic] misfortune.”
This piece of brilliant Facebook literature was presented by ‘Yeson Parker’ who you will find little on if you do a search and the equally foolish, Alasia Milerson, who seems happy to like a page because one of her siblings happens to share the name ‘Manning’.
I’m sure more will develop on this issue, but for anyone who wants to read the history behind this; go here.

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