Makinson on Penguin’s iBook Future

John Makinson is serving his eight year as CEO of the Penguin Group. He had an early career background as a journalist and the investor relations sector. He has worked for the Financial Times and Reuters.
On Tuesday, Makinson gave a presentation to demonstrate the new ibooks Penguin have in development for the Apple iPad schedualed to arrive in the US at the end of this month and mid-summer in the UK. The Penguin ibooks featured certainly show what an extraordinary format of interactivity the iPad is going to introduce to the book world. In Makinson’s own words:

“The definition of the book itself is up for grabs. We will be creating a lot of our content as applications for sale on app stores and HTML, rather than in eBooks. We will be embedding audio, video and streaming into everything we do.”

You can view and hear what Makinson’s had to say at the presentation, hosted by the Financial Times, on Tuesday in London on the videos below.

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