Mai Jai Proclaims The Internet is The Literary Apocalypse – Chinese Style

If I had the right, I would eliminate all Internet literature…The rise of the Internet is proof that humanity is coming to an end.”

These are the comments of author Mai Jai at a recent conference. God help us when we have political sock-puppets like this clown. While Google’s march towards digitalization has caused its own problems in the free world – we deal with it without the circumventions and actions of the Chinese government.

I actually think China holds a wealth of literature the rest of the world has yet to appreciate. Last year, the Frankfurt Book Fair made China their guests of honor. In October, I suggested the gesture, which highlighted the plight of Chinese authors, for all its well-meaning intent, remained questionable.

“Is it my own perception or the reality that the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 is in danger of being entirely consumed by the dissident voices of China? (not to mention the dissident voices of digitization and disinterest) There has been an undercurrent of criticism against the organisers of the Frankfurt Book Fair that they have somehow censored these dissident voices and produced a less than inspiring agenda. As an article in today’s Publishing Perspectives points out, there were four whole sessions for these dissident voices to express their opinions on the publishing industry in China and the plight of Chinese authors. It should also be noted that China was invited as the guest of honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.”

To paraphrase an historical quote from Eldridge Cleaver:

“What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”

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