Macmillan CEO Talks More on eBooks and The Agency Model

John Sargent, CEO of Macmillan, continues to host some very lively debate on e-books and the agency model on his recently launched blog. In yesterday’s posting he tackles some commenter points made on the site.

“In traditional publishing we had three formats, each at a different price. They were targeted at specific channels of distribution and were released at different times. There was some discounting by retailers, but historically not much. Then discounting became more aggressive and the channels of distribution for the formats began to blur. Currently some books never appear in paperback, some books only appear in paperback, and some books are in the market simultaneously in hardcover and both paperback formats (at three different price points). The digital edition (in almost all cases at present) doesn’t change in format over time – there is no difference in what is actually being sold. So, how should the digital edition be priced?”

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