Macmillan CEO Speaks Out On New Blog

Macmillan have just launched a new blog and it is no surprise that the first three postings there by CEO John Sargent focus entirely on the publisher’s switch from the retail to agency model for e-books. By all accounts, looking at the comments already posted there, the debate will remain sharp and thought-provoking. In his posting today, Sargent says:

“It has become clear to me that there is far too little accurate information available in this time of unprecedented change. The issues we all face together are complex, and no news story or 140-character snippet can adequately address them. Therefore, I propose to write you occasionally, when I get a sense that there is a need for direct information.”

While this new blog from Macmillan is welcome, it is important Sargent does not allow it to become just an exclusive platform for his voice and a tool simply to promote the agency model to authors and the book trade.

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