Lulu Poetry Launched – Reviewed

Hot on the heels of Lulu’s recently introduced assisted publishing packages, Lulu today launched Lulu.poetry. Built upon Lulu’s successful tools and widgets platform, Lulu.poetry offers many of the same publishing options, including their ‘Publish by Lulu’ and ‘Publish by You’ options.

“Whether you’re a professional writer compiling your magnum opus, a talented weekend poet sharing years of verbal experiments, or an editor looking for a new and interesting way to help your authors, Lulu is your secret ingredient for succesful results. Publish your poetry book today.”

Budding poets have the choice of loading their files with Lulu Poetry Studio and designing their books using Lulu’s design templates or loading up their own completed PDF/word files.

Nick Popio, Social Networking Team Leader with Lulu, says, “Whether you write poems for your own enjoyment or to entertain and educate others Lulu Poetry is for you. We’ll be handing out prizes to poems selected as winners by the hundreds and thousands of poets who are part of the poetry community. When you win we’ll send you a cash prize, and a certificate for you to print and hang on your wall to remind everyone of your accomplishment.”

I’m not sure why Lulu have choosen to launch a specific poetry site under the Lulu brand, though the aquisition of the domain name is a particular coup despite its deceptive and dubious past. It seems strange when the main Lulu brand site facilitates books of poetry just as easily and comfortably. Lulu’s thinking may be to create a poet’s corner or ‘one stop shop’ to avoid such a niche area becoming subsumed by the vast Lulu machine. It remains to be seen if this venture will be a success or whether it will slip silently back under the Lulu umbrella in the coming months of 2009.

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