Lulu Launch Open Publishing Platform For Developers

Lulu used the last day of the O’Reilly Media Tools of Change conference in New York, where they are a sponsor, to announce the launch of an open publishing platform for software developers, publishers or any company wishing to use Lulu’s publishing engine. This will allow a company to develop, build and integrate their own brand using Lulu’s publishing engine on an open platform.
Some small independent presses have used Lulu’s publishing engine and marketplace, but up until now Lulu have not openly sanctioned this practice. This marks a significant development and opens a myriad of possibilities. What will make or break the new Lulu Publishing API is whether it can prove itself to be a commercially viable model for clients.
Here is the full press release.

Lulu Opens Doors to Developers

New Lulu Publication API provides direct
 access to industry’s most robust open publishing platform

February 24, 2010 (Raleigh, N.C.) — Lulu, the open publishing pioneer, today announced that it has opened its platform to developers, giving them direct access to its publishing engine and creating new opportunity for publishing innovation. 

The Lulu Publication API lets individuals, publishers, businesses and other organizations create a new breed of Web application enabling on-demand publishing through Lulu, marketed under their own brand names. Using the API, a software company, for example, could instantly publish hundreds of manuals and gain worldwide distribution. Or a publisher could build and host a branded application letting independent authors publish and distribute under a new imprint. 

“Two words define Lulu: open innovation,” said Harish Abbott, Chief Product Officer of Lulu. “We have built an open publishing platform agnostic to both the type of content creator and the type of content created. We can’t wait to see the kinds of applications our ecosystem of innovators develop using the Lulu publishing engine.”

The announcement today coincided with the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York, where Lulu is a sponsor. 

The combination of Lulu’s Publication API and powerful market and distribution platforms ensures a range of development opportunities and wide selection of offerings in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats.  

The publication API is just one element of the open publishing market that Lulu is building. Lulu is committed to helping anyone publish and sell anywhere and reach targeted audiences through its social discovery platform.

For more information about the Lulu Publication API, visit:

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