Lulu Launch New Connect and Support Functionality Pages

Lulu has been doing some spring cleaning over the past few months, and today, the fruits of their endeavors went live – Connect and Support. Both new online facilities bring a strong defining line between how Lulu users access ‘how-to’ resources and request customer support. Connect replaces the old Lulu Forums, and Support will now solely be the dedicated platform providing customer services support to address and resolve user issues and problems.
On today’s Lulu blog posting, Nick Popio explains the functions behind Connect and Support.

The Connect section is our new forum, knowledge base and idea exchange area, and replaces our previous system. We’re quite excited about the improvements this update is offering, including enhanced navigation, speed, and an improved content structure.

Connect is designed to be your home for interacting with other Lulu customers, browsing our knowledge base, and sharing new ideas. It’s a self-service option that also hosts our community and will help you find great solutions. In the past, the forums have served as a place to post to get assistance from Lulu team members, as well as fellow customers.

(Connect page)

When it comes to issues that need a team member response to a technical matter or quality concern, we encourage you to use the options available to you on Support. Our team of Lulu Specialists can instantly see your customer history and will work to get you the best solutions.

(Support page)
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