Lulu Launch Discount Manager

Lulu (254.65) has launched ‘Discount Manager’, a new service allowing authors to set a discount on their books. The discount will come off the listed price of a book, but cannot be set below the minimun cost of the book set by Lulu. Authors should be aware that this is really just a tool to more easily reduce the percentage profit they make per book sold.

From the Lulu website:

This week we released a powerful new tool to help authors sell more books in their most profitable sales channel —   The new Discount Manager gives you the ability to set discounts on your books across our site, either in the publishing wizard or directly from the “My Lulu” dashboard.
With this tool (learn more about it here) you set your book’s list price as you always have and then set a discount to that list price to be shown alongside the list price.  This is a powerful combination employed by marketers in all kinds of industries to successfully attract buyers.
The feature opens a world of creative marketing opportunities — you can create event-based or seasonal campaigns, for instance, or quickly change pricing to compete with mainstream or independent titles. The key is, you are always in control and can adjust discounts as much and as often as you want.
We developed this tool for you and because of you. You told us that you needed this flexibility to maximize your marketing efforts and reach more buyers.
That’s the goal of authors around the world. Technology is making it ever easier to publish. But getting readers to take notice — and buy — the work you’ve worked so hard to create remains a significant challenge.
Helping authors sell more books is the highest priority here at Lulu. It’s the reason we created the Discount Manager and why, a few weeks back, we updated our eBook tool to distribute eBooks to all versions of Apple’s iBookstore and all devices that we will support in the future.

How to use the Discount Manager.

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