Lulu Clarifies Recent Distribution & ISBN Changes

Lulu have made further clarifications today regarding their recent announcement about changes to their distribution and suspension of their popular ‘Publish By You’ option.

“We want to hear from you as much and as often as possible to improve our services to ensure you create the best products, have the most sales or achieve whatever goal drives you. That effort prompted us recently to announce changes to our ISBN and distribution offerings. Unfortunately, we unintentionally caused some confusion. To clear things up, I talked with Ben, our Distribution Product Manager, and wanted to share what I learned.”

Nick Popio, Social Networking Team Leader.

While the announcement does bring considerably more clarity to things at Lulu, it does not change the fact that authors going to Lulu who want an ISBN in their own imprint name and extended distribution will be paying more for the services.
You can read today’s Lulu announcement here.

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