LSI UK Proof Email Wording Comes Under Scrutiny

A UK publisher has raised some concerns about Lightning Source‘s e-proofing system. The publisher, located in the West of England, voiced its concern about the wording used in an email correspondence. Today, PrintWeek ran a news piece after it had access to the contents of the email.

From PrintWeek:

In an email, seen by PrintWeek, sent by Lightning Source to its client the company states: “Please note that any printing anomalies may not be visible in the electronic proof. By approving this title via the eproof, you release LSI from any errors or defects that arise during printing.”

Lightning Source customer relations manager Andrea Mansell told PrintWeek said that LSI had changed the wording in response to the complaint.

She said: “It does appear to be a little ambiguous. We have recently changed the wording slightly because the context was slightly out and it has been made clearer that it is nothing to do with the print quality. It refers to editorial errors which we can’t be held responsible for.”

However neither PrintWeek nor LSI’s client has seen a revised version.
The customer relations manager informed PrintWeek that the wording of emails sent out as part of the e-proofing process had been changed following the publisher’s complaint, though both PrintWeek and the publisher have yet to see the revised wording.   
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