Long Nights in Frisco For Judge Chin in Google Settlement

The deadline has passed for objections in the Google Books Settlement to be lodged with the US Fedral District Court in San Francisco. By the volume of objections submitted up to yesterday, it looks like Judge Denny Chin may have some long nights sifting through this legal minefield between now and September 18th, when the Justice Department weighs in with its own considered views.

Among the Google Settlement’s supporters in the past two days are the Sony Corporation and several civil rights groups, not to mention luminaries from the world of academia. Microsoft and Yahoo, who formed the Open Book Alliance, have lodged their own objections to the settlement.

A full hearing on the Google Settlement is due to take place on October 7th with the possibility that Judge Chin may look for some form of commitment from Google that they will license their digital database to third parties, and while that remains one possible option, whatever happens, this one could run and run for years to come.

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