London Book Fair 2010: Monday Schedule Beats The Ash!

The official start to the London Book Fair 2010 today gets under way in the next few hours. With a UK flight ban still in force until 7pm this evening, this is now a case of it is as it is for the Fair’s organizers and this year’s event is going to have a much more national than international feel about it.
The London Book Fair runs from today until Wednesday, but it is now very clear the skies above Earls Court will remain silent but for the birds. Ryanair, one of the major airlines, has cancelled all scheduled flights between the UK, Irish Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Poland and the Baltic states until 1300 BST on Wednesday. There are flights in Europe operating for several hours out of airports, but in very limited pockets of airspace.
Some airlines were bold enough on Sunday to carry out test flights through the volcanic dust clouds. KLM, Lufthansa and Air France all carried out flights in their own national airspace and reported no problems, fueling a growing feeling within many of the major airlines that air safety authorities should consider reducing the flight restrictions. The British Prime Minister is actually discussing with his Spanish counterpart the possibility of using the Spanish mainland as a pick-up hub for stranded Britons and deploying Navy ships to return people to the UK.

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