LL Book Review Takes On All-Comers!

The popular self-publishing POD book review site, LLBR, from today, take on all-comers! Shannon and his team have been slowly expanding the POD publisher services they will consider for book reviews since the site launched in early 2008 specifically for Lulu authors. Shannon now reports:
“By the time our one year anniversary rolled around, we had added three outstanding reviewers to the team and branched out to include reviews of Wordclay and CreateSpace authors.

Shortly after that, we added Outskirts Press to the mix.

After a bit of debate about possibly adding another publisher to our short list this month, we all decided to just throw the short list out the window and open the LL Book Review to ALL self-published authors.”
We wish Shannon, Dan, Julie and LK all the best. They’ve got their work cut out now!

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