Levi Asher on Andrew Wylie, ‘The Jackal’

Today’s article by Levi Asher over on Literary Kicks takes a more considered view of Andrew Wylie’s launch of Odyssey Editions. Indeed, the article’s title, Appreciating Andrew Wylie, Evil Bohemian Jackal, reflects Asher’s ability to grasp the wider picture here, and he has not indulged in some of the more over-the-top comments seen this past week.

“I can’t help but find Andrew Wylie’s move exciting. It doesn’t hurt his image that he apparently acquired the nickname “the Jackal” years ago after stealing a high-profile client from another agent. There are undoubtedly many, many others in the publishing industry who can only wildly dream that they will someday have a nickname like “the Jackal”. There are far more ostriches, aardvarks and lemmings than jackals in the skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan.”
More to the point, Asher makes this stark observation on publishers and points to where the real focus of book publishers should be:

“It’s hard to believe that anything Andrew Wylie instigates will ever be more destructive to the reading experience and more insensitive to consumer desires than hardcover-only publishing.”
Bravo, Mr Asher.
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