Leaner, Meaner and Faster iPad 2 Unveiled by Apple

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, today unveiled the second generation iPad 2 at a press launch in San Francisco. The new iPad 2 tablet is a completely new model rather than just a revamp or improvement on last year’s device. The iPad 2 will ship in the US from March 11th, and worldwide in 26 countries from March 25th, with a white version available on day one along with the familiar black version.

The new iPad 2 is significantly thinner than its predecessor (33%) and weighs just 1.3 lbs – powered by a Samsung A5 chip dual core processor – the device is claimed to be up to nine times faster than last year’s device. An improved graphics processor will also deliver twice the original speed and there is an auto on/auto sleep cover available.

Prices for the new iPad 2 will range from $499 to $829, and like the older version, it will come as WiFi only or WiFi/3G and in 16, 32 or 64gb versions.

Apple iPad 2 Video     

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