Kobo Launch Global TV AD Campaigns

It is not too often a self-publishing service launches a global TV campaign. Well, Kobo, the self-publishing and distribution platform for authors and publishers has done just that. The first of the advertising campaigns, entitled ‘Reader’s Passion,’ includes TV, online and print advertisements and recognises people who make reading a part of their daily lives. Toronto-based creative agency, John St. worked with Kobo on the campaign. Kobo is also launching a second advertisement in Canada, USA, Italy, Australia and Brazil, as well as the UK-based campaign, to coincide with Mother’s Day celebrations. The second advertising campaign is called ‘Gift of Reading’ and also includes a mix of TV, online and print advertisements.
What I would like to have seen is Kobo highlighting and advertising their Writing Life service much more in the campaign rather than just the aspect of reading and e-reading devices.


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