June Caldwell’s Summary of Publishing Day at IWC

June Caldwell presents a thorough summary of last weekend’s Publishing Day at the Irish Writers Centre which was hosted by author John Boyne.

The IWC Publishing Day was a great opportunity to scrutinise the links between the author, agent, publisher, publicist and reader. Author John Boyne (Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, among many others) spoke from the heart about the slow hard work of writing. “Make no mistake; it’s a difficult, slow process, requiring lots of deliberate effort,” he said. He also spoke about the importance of ‘intuition’ in the author’s life when it comes to “dreaming up ideas” and sticking to them if they demand to be written. “If you have that burning sensation that says ‘this is not going to let me go until I write it’…then just write it,” he urged.

You can find Caldwell’s full summary here on the IWC blog.

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