Judge Chin Warns Google Settlement Parties on ‘A Tight Discovery’ Deadline

Judge Denny Chin once again adjourned the Google Book Settlement case to another in-court status conference on September 15th. Today, in the Circuit Court, it was a case of as you were. It’s hard to believe there is any basis for either side in this case overcoming the current impasse since Judge Chin rejected the proposed plans by Google on book digitization in March of this year.
Comments by Judge Chin in today’s status conference in the courtroom suggest the 57 year old federal appeals judge will quickly move to ‘a tight discovery’ deadline which will almost certainly bring us back on course for full litigation. Addressing both parties, Chin remarked pointedly:

“I have a sense that we’ll come back here in September and you’ll just want more time…” and “Google has all but said they would not accept an opt-in deal.”

Indeed. Watch this space.
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