Is Xerox’s Announcement of a New Matte Look for the iGen4 EXP Good News for The EBM?

This may all seem a bit ‘print techy’ for the pages of POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing but the announcement by Xerox of a new toner set for the iGen4 EXP may actually have longer term benefits for self-publishers and the Espresso Book Machine. While the iGen4 is not the powerhouse under the bonnet of the Espresso Book Machine (it’s the Xerox 4112/27), the fact this new ‘matte’ look finish has become available for this machine suggests we may not be too far away from a similar option for the EBM. One big criticism I hear of self-published book covers is their over ‘glossy’ look rather than some of the more traditional matte finishes on offset printed paperbacks.

Jim Hamilton of InfoTrends takes a look at some samples:

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