Irish Writers’ Centre Awarded €27K Grant

The Irish Writers’ Centre has received a grant of €27,000 from the Irish Arts Council through their Touring and Dissemination scheme. Last February we reported how the IWC was left reeling after the Irish Arts Council rejected their grant application for 2009.
The Irish Writers’ Centre made the announcement of the grant this morning.

“Dear friends,

We are delighted to inform you of a grant which we have received from the Arts Council under their Touring and Dissemination scheme. The grant of €27,000 will enable us to mount readings at the Writers’ Centre during the coming autumn and then take them to venues around the country. Most of the money will go towards the reading fees and expenses of the writers involved, but there will also be an element for administration and promotion, so that a core activity of the Centre will now be properly funded. The readings are pitched at promoting prose literature, one of our dedicated activities, and will enable the Centre to develop a countrywide network of collaborators and associates. We are heartened by this endorsement by the Arts Council and the approval it implies of the direction the Irish Writers’ Centre has taken over the past year. It is an important step in our re-instatement as an institution that should be funded from the public purse, and a cause for celebration among the wide range of our voluntary workers, supporters, and the literary community.”

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