Irish Retailers and Publishers Ready for e-Book Challenges

The Irish Independent takes a look at the Irish book retail market and the growth of e-books in their e-Thursday section. Carissa Casey has written the article and she discovers that Irish retailers and publishers are poised to embrace the latest challenging chapter in the story of the publishing industry.

“Advances in technology have also brought an entirely new threat to the traditional book shop. The ebook, an electronic version of a book that can be read on a device such as Kindle or even an iPhone, is rapidly gaining ground in the US and Japan.

Michael McLoughlin, head of Penguin Ireland, has been in the industry for 20 odd years and describes this period as being the ‘fastest moving’ in all that time.

For example, in Japan, Harlequin, a publisher of romantic women’s fiction, is selling one million ebooks every month.

McLoughlin says reports from the US suggest that ebooks could account for 10 per cent of sales by the end of this year.”

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