Irish Eyes Are Smiling With Launch of Irish Publishing News Site

Today sees the live launch of Irish Publishing News, an aggregated news service with a specific focus on the Irish publishing market. The service is the brainchild of Eoin Purcell, formerly of Mercier Press and widely known and respected in Irish publishing circles. Purcell has been tweaking the beta version over on Green Lamp Media, a service offered to publishers for content creation and social media projects and also for authors to help them bring books into being and to connect with their readers.
What the launch of Irish Publishing News does underline is the woeful lack of a professional day to day focus on the Irish publishing industry and its authors. As Purcell notes himself during his research and preparations for the live launch of the site:

“There are less blogs about books and publishing in Ireland than you’d think. If I’m missing someone or some organisation you think should be included, let me know I’m very keen to improve the quality and sources for Irish books and publishing. Design is important but function is nicer. I’m still unhappy with the look, but the site generally does what I had hoped it would and that is a pretty good place to be. It was and remains far from perfect and needs more hand crafting than I’d like on a daily basis, but with some fine tuning over the next few weeks, I hope to create a really useful resource for anyone interested in Irish Publishing.”

Up until now, authors and publishers have had to make do online with CLE, the Irish Publishers’ Association, the Irish Writers’ Centre, and a scattering of author blogs focusing on particular areas of writing and publishing. By far, Eoin Purcell’s long-running blog provided the greatest scope of topics and news with a strong global list of followers.
The idea, framework and intended content of Irish Publishing News looks like it will present a cohesive portal to the world of authors and publishing in modern Ireland. We wish Eoin the very best and every success with this new venture.

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