Introducing the North American Big Six – The Shatzkin Files

Introducing the North American Big Six – The Shatzkin Files:

But from the perspective of publishers or booksellers outside the United States, there is a new North American Big Six. These are the companies that have direct relationships with publishers — all of them that matter in the US (with one noteworthy exception) and, increasingly, those that matter overseas as well — to secure the rights to distribute ebook files wherever in the world the publishers have rights.”

From Mike Shatzkin of Idea Logical.
It is hard to argue with Shatzkin that we may very well be seeing the emergence of a new ‘big six’ in the book publishing industry. These six companies could ultimately prove to be the real game-changers. You could also argue the first three have already proved to be game-changers. For the record, the ‘new’ big six are:
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