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IngramIngram Content Group announced its new web-based custom publishing solution yesterday. Ingram Construct will allow publishers to customise their existing titles into specific editions or bundles in print or digital form for end users. I guess this could be useful for limited editions, book club editions or book samplers and promotional teasers. Curiously press release doesn’t really have a call to action or go check Construct out; I mean Ingram didn’t even include the website in the press release!

It might be because of this…

Ingram Construct

Ingram Construct 2

Yup, Ingram Construct is still in beta. The press release indicates that the new platform is fully integrated with Ingram’s CoreSource, Vital Source and Lightning Source services, but it makes no mention of IngramSpark and how precisely the systems integrate. I am also puzzled with the decision to launch in beta. This is an online software tool — either it’s ready for full use or it isn’t.

Full Press Release below:

Ingram Content Group Inc. simplifies custom publishing for POD and e-books

NASHVILLE, TN – Publishers’ ability to customize content and give readers exactly what they want just got easier with Ingram Construct, a comprehensive, custom publishing solution for print-on-demand and e-books from Ingram Content Group Inc. Ingram Construct gives publishers a simple way to tailor their books to end users’ needs using existing titles, going from creation to production to distribution in minutes.

We want to help publishers better connect with customers, and Ingram Construct gives them an easy way to customize any title to best meet customers’ needs. With Ingram Construct, a publisher can use existing content to create customized print or digital books within minutes. It’s another way Ingram is using our technology and infrastructure to help our clients grow their business and find new streams of revenue.

— Brian Hogue, Vice President of Content Systems, Ingram Content Group.

Ingram Construct is flexible, scalable and web-based. Through easy-to-use tools, publishers can remix and reuse existing content, add third party material from other sources and develop custom covers for new content. Ingram Construct’s features include a dashboard to organize project types, custom cover options, customized digital proofs and analytics. It can be used to create special editions, title bundles, book samplers, teasers, single chapter editions or to fulfill special requests from retailers, institutions, conferences or customers.

Ingram’s full suite of publishing services, including their CoreSource digital asset management platform, print-on-demand solutions and now their newest custom publishing options through Ingram Construct, give us relevant and easy-to-use tools that help us use our content in new ways, create incremental revenue streams and meet the changing needs of the market and our customers worldwide. We look forward to taking advantage of all that Ingram Construct has to offer.

David Horwitz, Vice President of Sales at SAGE Publications, Inc.

Integrated with Ingram’s world class digital and physical manufacturing and distribution network, Ingram Construct allows publishers to create customized print or digital books for as low a production run as a single unit. The platform is fully integrated with Ingram’s CoreSource, Vital Source and Lightning Source services, ensuring that custom books can be delivered to customers anywhere.

Technology has opened the gates of possibility for custom books, and at Ingram we’re committed to developing new tools to help our clients realize a book’s full potential. Ingram Construct is one of the many ways publishers can take books further. From ‘virtual’ boxed sets of titles to class-specific editions, there are limitless opportunities for one book with Ingram Construct.

— Kelly Gallagher, Vice President of Content Acquisition, Ingram Content Group.

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