INFOGRAPHIC: The Surprising Reading Habits of Millennials

When you see a younger person using their phones, it’s easy to associate it with social media or mobile gaming.

But what if I tell you there’s a good chance that they’re reading? Would you believe it? Well, maybe not, but the data from a new infographic from The Expert Editor tells another tale.

Research shows that Millennials are the most well-read among all age groups. In fact, 80% of them read an average of 5 books per year.

No wonder the worldwide publishing industry is growing. Authors and publishers have Millennials to thank for! After all, more sales mean more money for the industry.

When it comes to book choices, millennials care less about the author than they do the cover design and price. For them, the cheaper it is, the better.

Millennials are also avid library goers. Figures show that 53% of Millennials go to the library, which is higher than any other age groups. Other generations like Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation are lower by between 8 and 17%.

But, wait, there’s more! Here are other distinguishing traits among Millennials when it comes to their reading habits:

  • They have great research skills. Most of them read to research a specific topic.
  • Contrary to the belief that they prefer the digital format, they still prefer print books.
  • Millennials consult online reviews, influencers, and blogs before buying a book. So if they see negative feedback, they might not want to purchase it anymore.

Are you surprised that the so-called “phone-addicted generation” is reading so much? Check out this fun infographic below to find out more about their reading habits.

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