Infographic: How to Get Reviews for Your Book

Getting reviews from your prospects can be a difficult task to accomplish. It is because some might have stumbled upon your book but didn’t bother to click on it, while others may have purchased it but didn’t mind to leave a review. One way or another, these two instances are really dreadful on your end; but, here comes our infographic that will solve all your review-related problems.

You probably are wondering on how you can benefit from this illustration when you could have written a blog about getting reviews for you book. The answer is simple! You need to hit the spot that can ignite some interest from you prospects, something like their likes in anything that is visual and infographic is the best marketing tool for it. Hence, maximize your time by using this material and get the reviews that you want instantly by following these steps:

Image Source: Readers Magnet

Image Source: Readers Magnet

Have a Call to Action at the back of your book

Call to action, also known as CTA, is as effective as a testimonial. It is an element that encourages your prospects to either leave a review or buy your book. Whichever of the two options they’ll choose; it is a win-win for you. But our goal is for you to get a review to raise your brand awareness and, most importantly, gain more readers. Hence, include a simple call to action at the back of your book and let it do the work.


Make your eBook available for free

If there is one thing in this world that bibliophiles love, it is free eBook! It wouldn’t hurt if you make your eBook available for free, because not all readers have the same reading preferences. Some like to read and collect hardcopies while others desire to binge-read eBooks. Offering your electronic book for free might widen your reader-base because you’ll be able to hook those readers that are always on the go and are having a hectic schedule but still wants to read.


Email book bloggers who love your genre

Email is the best way to reach people. It doesn’t only show formality but also presents you as a professional. There are many book bloggers out there that may fancy your book or the genre of it. All you have to do is to reach out to them through email and ask if they’d collaborate with you by featuring your book at their page, writing a book review for it, and more.


Find Amazon viewers through their review profiles

Online shopping is definitely booming today. Amazon, is one of the sites where you can sell your products, get discovered by a self-publishing company or some literary agents, and connect with your prospects. Hence, it is a great platform to take advantage of because there are many bookworms that are virtually shopping for books. You can look their review profiles and somehow connect to them in your own little way.


Use social media to get reviews

Most of the people in this world are hooked to social media, especially when everybody were under quarantine. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and other social media platforms were blossoming even more, due to the high numbers of people who cannot fully enjoy their spring, summer, and fall. Thus, take advantage of this opportunity to build your brand online, endorse your book, and get as many reviews as possible.


Use Facebook Ads to ask for reviews

Facebook is one of the giants of the social media world. This app has made virtual social interaction possible and convenient. Millions of people have Facebook accounts and are connecting with others daily. Businesses are also building their Facebook pages and utilizing ads to market their products. That said, do not get left behind and acquire some reviews online by making use of Facebook Ads!


Ask your mailing list

Every person that has an email also possesses a mailing list. It is the list that provides individuals with great convenience for it already has the name and email addresses of the recipients. There’s no need to enter their email one by one. So, composed a persuasive email by using a polite yet encouraging tone and send them to your mailing list. Think of it as sending an email newsletter. In that way, you are already reaching out to your targets, probably getting reviews, and increasing your branding.


Create an Advance Reader Team

An advance reader team refers to a bunch of individuals who willingly wants to read your work before its release date and provide an insightful feedback afterward. It is like sending a PR package to a celebrity or influencer and getting a review in return. It is like a give and take relationship where both parties benefit from one another. So, form an advance reader team now and see some honest to goodness reviews about your book in your Amazon page or book blog now!


Pick the right viewers

Every author has a target reader. It is already evident from the genre of your book, but sometimes you can feel the need to emphasize it. Whether your book is classified as science fiction, young adult fiction, biography, mystery, thriller, romance, children’s literature, or horror, you should always put a reminder on who your specific readers are. Emphasize their age bracket in the description on your Amazon page and other platforms so that they will be guided. After you’ve pick the right viewers, wait until you get some honest feedback from them.


Follow up

Getting updates is definitely the best thing ever! However, you should have the patience to wait for the right time to conduct a follow up from your advance reader team and prospects. You never know if they are still reading your book or are still busy with personal matters, so give them some time before you send them a follow up message. You must use a polite when sending the follow up email or message.


Thank the reviewer

Always express your gratitude to the reviewer. It is not only showing good manners but it is also a way to create a good bond with your targets. Replying to their comments and sending them little messages of gratitude is already a good act that leads to many opportunities, such as getting more patrons, raising brand awareness, acquiring more feedbacks, and possibly gaining profits.


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