Indepenpress Publishing UK Ceases Trading [Update and Company Response]

I’m reposting and updating this news article because it now contains a response from Indepenpress director, Lynn Ashman, which TIPM received today.

Indepenpress Publishing Limited, one of the leading providers of publishing services to authors in the UK, has ceased trading. The independent publisher had been in operation since 1996 and housed a number of traditional, partnership and full publishing services imprints, including Indepenpress, Pink Press and Pen Press.

The publisher last filed accounts in January 2013 and recording assets of £43,422, liabilities of £35,318, and a net worth of £2,232.This years accounts were due to be filed in October. TIPM has seen a copy of a communication sent to authors and creditors—dated May 31st—from company director, Lynn Ashman.
We are sorry to send the attached letter. After 18 years in business it is extremely distressing to have to do this, but having managed to survive the hard financial times of the recession for so long, as a small company we are now unable to effectively trade any longer.~ Lynn Ashman, Indepenpress Publishing Ltd.
Ashman said that the company is now “technically insolvent and has therefore ceased trading,” and does not have the enough money or assets to file for liquidation. The company has invited creditors to issue “winding up proceedings” and if that does not happen, the company will be struck off under Companies Act 2006.
Addressing the obvious concerns of authors who have published books with Indepenpress and its various imprints, as well as authors who may have books still in production, she said:
It was of course not our intention to let any author down and we have therefore put wheels in motion to help you continue with your book should you wish to. […] We have worked closely with the sales and marketing company Author Essentials Ltd over the past few years and they will contact you with options of how they may be able to help you.~ Lynn Ashman, Indepenpress Publishing Ltd.

Author Essentials Ltd is a small marketing and publishing service provider based in East Sussex with some limited publishing packages. Indepenpress has carried a strong recommendation on its website for a while encouraging its authors to avail of the company’s marketing and promotional services.

The two main websites (Indepenpress and Pen Press) are currently still live on the Internet and no mention is made that the company has ceased trading, nor is there any mention of the situation on the company’s social media accounts.
It is never good when TIPM has to report on the demise of a publisher/publishing service for authors. The UK and USA markets for pushing service operators has become increasing crowded and competitive and new and established indie authors are shifting more and more to digital publishing platforms. I’ve said many times on TIPM that publishers need to be innovative and flexible—an over reliance on print output combined with an inability to inwardly invest on up-to-date systems can leave even the most successful companies with an uncertain future.

Indepenpress director, Lynn Ashman , reached out to TIPM and authors today on the current situation:


Thank you Mick for reporting this in TIPM accurately. […] For clarity it should be noted that we ceased trading on 31st May, not 1st, and we duly sent out letters and emails immediately

Your comments are valid – the markets for publishing service providers has become increasingly crowded, more and more spring up each week it seems, although few stay the course as we did.  And of course more indie authors are choosing to go via the digital platform route.

After 18 years in business, helping authors and having survived the recession, we are devastated to fall at the final hurdle. It is heartbreaking for all concerned.  We would like to publicly thank such a large number of authors for offering their support and understanding.  Such devotion is helping us get through this and it is good to know that we were thought of so highly by so many.

Our concern at the moment is facilitating the return of files to authors should they wish to publish elsewhere, and we are thankful that Author Essentials have agreed to go this, having themselves worked with many of our authors over the last few years in sales and marketing.

I would also like to personally thank you Mick.  You have reported on our services and achievements fairly over the years, and reaching No.8 in your best publishers list was something we were so very proud of..


Lynn Ashman, Indepenpress.

Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant

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