Independent Writers & Artists Perceived Differently – Eric R. Danton Article in The Hartford Courant

Eric R. Danton has written an excellent article for ‘The Hartford Courant’. He talks about independent New York band ‘Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’ and how, in general, they have promoted themselves and created a sizeable following with the backing of a record label.

This is an area I have mentioned a number of times on this site. Having worked withing music management and promotion, it has always puzzled me why the ‘DIY’ independent approach is perfectly accepted in music and to some degree in the art world, frowned upon in the book publishing word. I wonder if it is because the music business has always been seen as in someways something subversive, like a vehicle to challenge authority, whereas, the publishing industry is seen far more as a tradition corporate entity.

You can read Eric R. Danton’s article at this link.,0,203898.story

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