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iBooks author: looks like ipagesGary Marshall, over on TechRadar.com, has a nuts and bolts review of Apple’s new iBooks Author tool for the creation of textbooks. Now that the dust has settled after yesterday’s announcement, I’m not at all convinced that this new tool for self-publishers is a serious rival to Amazon’s Kindle publishing program. You need to ‘click-off’ on an agreement with Apple that sets you through some hoops and loops such as having your own ISBN, quality approval through the iTunes Producer, an iBookstore Seller Account, it requires MAC OS X 10.7.2 (and not Windows OS compliant), but critically, iBook Author looks like it will be restricted to US-based authors with a tax number from the IRS. As a book creation tool, it rivals and exceeds what Blurb (Booksmart) – and maybe even Lulu – offer in their engine rooms. The jury is still out on pricing – my guess is that Apple will stick with the 70/30 revenue split. Apple may have produced one of the best free book-creation tools for self-published authors, but right now, it’s like running a Ferrari on a country back road.

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“Apple’s latest content creator is designed for a very specific audience: textbook publishers. If you’re looking for a do-everything app that will export in every conceivable file format, iBooks Author isn’t for you – for that you’d be much better off with Scrivener. If you want to make eye-popping textbooks for the iPad, however, iBooks Author makes it exceptionally easy to produce very high quality stuff.”

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