Hughes & Hughes Book Chain Enter Receivership

For any international traveller passing through Dublin, Cork or London City airports, wishing to pick up a book for their journey or holiday abroad—they would be very familiar with Hughes & Hughes bookshops. Hughes & Hughes, in many ways, represented Irish independent book retailing to international consumers and readers.

Today, the company entered receivership with the closure of all 13 shops, including its five airport branches and the loss of all 225 staff. Hughes and Hughes requested Ulster Bank Ireland Ltd to appoint David Carson of Deloitte as receiver.
From 1990 through to 2008, Hughes & Hughes enjoyed steady expansion and was an exceptional supporter of literature and writing in Ireland through its promotions and in-store events. However, their airport branches played a fundamental role in the 26 year history of the company, and reduced travelling footfall through airports and ‘collapsing consumer demand’, combined with sterling exchange rates and growing internet competition led to a focused period of economization.

(UPDATE, Saturday February 28th)
As of today, all Hughes & Hughes airport bookshops remain open for trading. 

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