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There are lots of talented authors, whose names are still unknown to the modern audience. All they want is to promote and sell their self-published book, to show their piece of art to the whole world. There are many ways to promote a new book even if it is your first one and you do not have big sums of money. Useful tips will help you in the process of marketing.


A new modern trend

Self-published books started a new era in the sphere of writing. This is a new way to demonstrate your gift and share your thoughts with the people from different parts of the planet. Today publishing is more democratized. Everyone has an opportunity to express themselves by means of written words.

The greatest popularity has been gained by self-published ebooks. They are available for everyone everywhere, as each of us has at least one device, which is able to support the format. All you need to spread your word is to load the book on the Internet and wait for a few clicks.


What you need before going to market

There are several steps, which are able to raise the chances of success for your new masterpiece. Consider the following:

  • listen to the critics before publishing (they might be your family or friends),
  • find somebody to write a review (it is better to look for a local expert of a professor of literature, etc.),
  • take care of the design (sometimes it is advisable to hire a specialist for that),
  • set up a realistic price (or offer your first work for free).


How to market your self-published book

Nowadays there are many ways to market your book. There are both paid and free ways to do it. The best idea is to try online marketing because a great number of users prefers to download and read books by means of smartphones or computers. The era of just buying books in a physical bookstore is diminishing.


Let’s look at the most effective methods:

Facebook promotion: the users will see a paid promotional pop-up and will possibly decide to purchase and read your book. However, it is necessary to create a smart and purposeful post, as wordiness might repel potential readers.

KDP Countdown platform. You can apply it, for instance, on Amazon. The price will be temporary lowered and the period of discount will be pointed. Such strategy can make people buy the book before the cost gets higher.

First Chapters publishing. There is a nice way to make the readers interested. Select a website, where there are lots of users (such as LiveJournal or blogs) and write a chapter or two from your literary work. Remember that in order to draw the attention of the audience you should choose the most remarkable pages and, probably, stop at the most important moment. In this case, the readers will desire to know what will happen next. Therefore, do not forget that specialized websites give an only limited opportunity for publishing (the free period is usually 90 days). 

Sell self-published book on Amazon. The chances that your book will be noticed are higher if you select one or two categories or genres. People will look for something similar to the works they have read before. But if you paid for the offer, you can put more categories and become the bestseller on the website.

BookBub. The site gives limited free access to the readers here. They will be able to read your work from any device they want. On this resource, you can make a deal as an author or as a publisher.

Google Play. Many owners of Android devices choose to download books from there, as this is a comfortable and safe method. Your work will be available for reading from mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

Besides those online ways, you can also contact local journalists (for example, from Tuko News) and bookshops. They will help you to advertise and to promote your book. If it turns out to be amazing, the sales will start growing.

A new writer must be aware of the existence of online companies, which are engaged in editing, designing, printing and marketing of books. Their services will cost you a definite sum of money, but you will possibly recoup the investments quite soon. Of course, you must be sure that people will be glad to read the story – it should be up to date, not banal or full of stereotypes.


Useful tips for self-publishing

Marketing will be successful only if you do everything for it, not just sit and wait for somebody to like and buy your work. Several important pieces of advice might turn out to be helpful for all the self-publishers. Observe the following:

Set the purpose. The author must know, why he or she writes a book. Is it for profit (if yes, then how much do you want to earn) or for showing your talent to people. Sometimes writers want to deliver some ideas or thoughts to the public. The key questions include the following: Why do you write? What do you desire readers to get from it? Why will people be motivated to purchase it?

Know your audience. There are no books for everyone. A good creator always understands which group of people he or she aims at. Take it into consideration while writing and selecting the place for marketing. Sometimes it is useful to meet the audience personally to know more about them.

Think about the design. Despite the common belief, plenty of people still judge a book by its cover. That’s why it must be professional and attractive to make it noticeable to the chosen marketing platform.

Make up a short and attractive title. As well as the cover, the name of the book has the task of drawing the attention of the readers and giving a gentle hint about the content.

Find followers. Be wise; understand that it is impossible to start from nothing. But if you know people, who may like your literary work, then show the book to them. After this, you can start selling because you already have a satisfied readership. They can also leave their reviews, which can encourage others to purchase and read the story.


Your book must look solid on the site. It will require several things:

Short description. It needs to be attractive enough but not uncovering the essential parts of the composition. It should not be long as well in order not to annoy a potential reader.

Author’s biography. There should be only important and interesting facts. It may contain the information about topics of the book and what has made the writer select them.

Author’s photo. A good and serious author will have a professional picture of him or herself unless you want to keep anonymity. Sometimes it is a good stratagem to arouse curiosity.

To sell the book means to sell the ideas your work contains. You should convince people that your book is a worthwhile read. Try to be persuasive enough because the readers will have to spend not only their time but also their money on it. It is vital to be ready for critical reviews. Stay consistent and keep moving towards your purpose.



Catrin Cooper is an edtech guru from New York. She loves science fiction and yoga.

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