Has the POD Publishing Bubble Burst?

I normally write the article and then we engage in discussion, but like some of the changes I’ve introduced recently for The Independent Publishing Magazine, I’ll hold my own thoughts, just for now.

The backdrop is the monoliths in the self-publishing world like Author Solutions may own companies like Xlibris, iUniverse, AuthorHouse and WordClay, but in the past two years the giant of the self-publishing industry has been developing engine rooms for publishers like Harlequin and Thomas Nelson. With the more savvy self-publishing authors and service companies relying on short-run printing and less POD (print on demand), has the POD publishing bubble burst – built on the ashes of vanity houses? With so many new and established authors looking to e-publishing rather than print publishing, are we seeing a plateau for self-publishing services rigid to the POD model, or are we about to witness a new e-vanity model?
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Has the POD publishing bubble burst?

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