HarperStudio’s Innovative Journey Ends

HarperStudio, an imprint of HarperCollins, and one of the most daring and innovative publishers, will publish its last titles under the imprint this Summer. Titles which had been scheduled for later will now be moved to other HarperCollins imprints. In a memo delivered to all staff today, company president, Michael Morrison announced the news. It follows last months news of the departure of Bob Miller from the helm of HarperSudio to move to Workman Publishing.
The memo does go on to outline that HarperStudio staff will be deployed in HarperCollins’ other imprints. Significantly, Morrison states that the publisher will be contacting contracted authors and their agents and that they will consider agreements based on profit-share models. Here is the full memo and also available here.

“April 2, 2010

TO: All Employees

FROM: Michael Morrison

After much in-house discussion, we have decided that in the interest of what’s best for our HarperStudio authors and employees, our last batch of titles to be published under the HarperStudio imprint will be on the Summer’10 list. All books scheduled for Fall ’10 and beyond will be published by one of our other imprints which are fully staffed with the best publishing, marketing, and publicity teams in the business. We will be contacting agents and authors to discuss the best editors and imprints for each of these titles. Going forward, and in the entrepreneurial spirit of HarperStudio, all our imprints are happy to discuss profit sharing scenarios on a book by book basis. As a result of this restructuring, there will be staffing changes within the General Books group.

I’m happy to report that Debbie Stier, Associate Publisher of HarperStudio and Director of Digital Marketing for HarperCollins, will continue in her role as Director of Digital Marketing for the company reporting to Carolyn Pittis. Debbie will also continue to acquire books for all imprints as Editor-at-Large. Kathryn Ratcliffe-Lee will continue to report to Debbie.

I’m pleased to announce that Senior Editor Julia Cheiffetz will move to the Harper imprint and report to Jonathan Burnham. Assistant Editor Katie Salisbury will continue to report to Julia.

Jessica Wiener will continue as Director of Marketing, reporting to me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.”

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