HarperCollins Restructure Sees Launch of HarperCollins Digital

HarperCollins Chief Digital Officer, Charlie Redmayne announced to staff yesterday, through a memo, the creation of a new unit within the HarperCollins Group aimed at growing their authors’ reach and revenues in the global digital marketplace. The focus of HarperCollins Digital will be to create electronic products, communities and wider consumer knowledge.

The new digital initiative will be split into three distinctly led teams: Author Services, Consumer Products, and Business Development.

“The purpose of these organizational changes is to increase focus while enhancing our ability to provide quickly what authors need today to reach book consumers online.”

The above quote from the memo reveals a lot about where HarperCollins are going and the greater need for the publishing industry to be proactive with the issue of digitalisation. Uncertainty and a real absence of direction from many of the powerhouses of publishing marked last year. The key give-away word in the quote is ‘enhancing’. There is a lot of discussion at the moment about the decision by some publishing to approach the ebook dilemma by releasing new titles with enhanced ebooks along with the hardback edition. Expect enhance to be the buzzword in publishing this year.

“The expectations and needs of today’s book readers have changed. HarperCollins believes it is a publisher’s role to provide content and services that augment authors’ knowledge and ability to connect with their readers.”
In an accompanying announcement, HarperCollins has also launched the Digital Technology Services Group. This new group will provide the technical support for all of HarperCollins’ digital initiatives.

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