HarperCollins Partner with NetGalley For ARC Delivery

HarperCollins announced a partnership with NetGalley yesterday that will see the digital book galley service deliver ARC’s (Advance Review Copies) and digital promotional materials on the publisher’s behalf.
This is certainly a welcome development, not just because of delivery streamlining, cost savings and environmental benefits, but again, because it demonstrates that there are large publishers willing to embrace every aspect of digitalization positively. It also goes a long way to address the problem within the industry of physical review copies turning up on e-retailer sites like eBay, sometimes before even the official publication date of a book. When I worked in music retail in the early 1990’s, this was a particular problem with ‘white’ label review copies of albums finding their way onto the market for sale.

HarperCollins will roll out the program at ThrillerFest on July 7, 2010 with Judgment and Wrath by Matt Hilton. The books and promotional materials featured at launch will include titles from HarperCollins imprints Avon, William Morrow, and Eos. Eos will be utilizing NetGalley to distribute the Eos Reader, a sampling of introductory chapters and other exclusive content of forthcoming SFF and Urban Fantasy titles, at ComicCon International in San Diego (July 22-25); and romance fans will be able to sample Marjorie M. Liu’s Avon debut, In the Dark of Dreams, at the forthcoming Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando (July 30).

NetGalley will enable HarperCollins to offer galleys—including full-color, illustrated titles—and digital press kits in a central location. Those with approved access, including NetGalley’s growing community of reviewers, booksellers, bloggers, media professionals and educators, will be able to download secure galley files to read on their computers or devices such as the Kindle, nook, and Sony Reader. There is no charge for readers to register or use the site.

“Using NetGalley helps streamline the distribution process, cut costs, and increase the reach of our marketing and publicity campaigns,” says Debbie Mercer, HarperCollins director of advertising and promotion.

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