Harlequin Rebrand Paid-Publishing Imprint To Reveal DellArte Press – Ta-dah!

Harlequin has changed the name of its paid-publishing imprint Harlequin Horizons. The imprint, which is pretty much being run in its entirity by Author Solutions will now be know as DellArte Press – very art-nouveau!
From their website…

“DellArte Press is a publishing company that offers aspiring romance writers the opportunity to self-publish their work and achieve their goals. DellArte Press provides a new avenue through which authors can break into the women’s fiction market. With DellArte Press, more writers have the opportunity to enter the market, hone their skills and achieve the goals that burn in their hearts.

Authors who publish with DellArte Press will have their books available for purchase from the DellArte Press online bookstore and available at more than 25,000 retailers worldwide, including Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Additionally, DellArte Press provides authors the opportunity to reach readers on a global scale through the Ingram Book Group.

Our books are available to the author, retailers and customers on demand, so there is no need for the author to store unnecessary copies or pay a warehousing fee. By providing extensive and forward-looking marketing and publicity services, expert editorial and creative, clean book design, DellArte Press can help aspiring authors achieve their dreams. Our contract is non-exclusive and allows the author to keep the rights to their book so that our authors can publish with a traditional publisher in the event that they are signed.

At DellArte Press, we hope to help aspiring authors of romance and women’s fiction fulfill their dreams of publishing and reach their goals. We will continue to introduce new programs and services to help our authors be competitive in the marketplace.”
Their services and price list is here ($599 to $1599). Perhaps a review and quick comparison shortly will put some flesh on the bones of what has become a highly emotive debate in publishing circles. Stay tuned…

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