Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all those who have followed the site over the past year. It’s been a turbulent and changing year in publishing with plenty to report on. Even in the past few weeks news surfaces on a day to day basis and the signs are that the current trend will continue.

Whatever choices you make as a writer in the field of publishing, make all your decisions based on sound knowledge. If you choose self-publishing, accept from the start that the rewards may be limited to your own local sphere and it takes considerable effort and perseverance to write, prepare a book for print, find a printer, and market your book even in your own locale and community successfully. If you choose to use a POD publishing service, research the company well, make sure they match the criteria you want for your book. If you decide to follow the path of most authors with pursuing an agent or traditional publisher, find tune your ms and keep persevering.

Merry Christmas and good luck to all in the new year. I’m off for a welcome few days rest!

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