Hachette Livre UK Kiss And Make Up With Amazon

The Hachette Livre UK Publishing Group have finally ended their dispute with Amazon UK after nearly one year. Back last year on June 6th, 2008 this site reported the following:

Hachette Livre, the second largest publisher in the world, is in dispute with Amazon UK regarding contractual terms. Amazon UK have sanctioned some of Hachette’s lead titles by removing the ‘buy new’ buttons and promotional leaders from their online retail site. Authors affected by Amazon’s sanctions on the Hachette Group titles include, Stephen King, James Patterson, Kate Mosse and Chris Manby.

Tim Hely Hutchinson, Hachette Livre UK CEO, in a letter to authors explained the publisher’s position and effects it is having on them. Hely Hutchinson believes the continued dispute will ultimately result in Amazon losing popularity with the general buying book public. The dispute seems to particularly focus on Amazon’s aggressive low pricing on lead titles which is having an effect on ordinary high street bookstores.

see the full article from last June.

No details were released by either parties as to what the terms of agreement were, but in spite of the twelve months which passed – Hachette had the stronger bargaining hand.

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