Hachette Livre Form POD Partnership With Lightning Source

Lightning Source, the global provider of physical and digital services to the book industry, are teaming up with Hachette Livre France to create a large print on demand operation based at Hachette’s distribution. The POD service will have the potential to provide any books on their database to the French book market. Hachette hope to have the new operation up and running in early 2010 and will mean in theory French bookshops will be able to order previously out of print titles.
Initially, the service will be limited to publishers from the Hachette Group and customers already using the French distribution centre, but there are plans to extend the service to any independent publisher in the second stage of development.

“The joint venture with Lightning Source in France is a strategic move that will allow Hachette to make leading edge digital technology available to all its business partners, no matter how small. Its implications are considerable. No book entered into the program will ever be out of print. The turnaround between incoming order and shipping is so short that copies can be delivered to point of sale as fast as if they were pulled from inventory, and mint-like in terms of quality. It is the perfect solution for low volume backlist and out-of-print books. At a time when “out of print” books are the subject of much attention, POD offers a convincing solution. I am delighted we could partner with the world’s leader in this technology, and look forward to a long, successful relationship.”

Arnaud Nourry, Chairman and CEO of Hachette Livre.
Hachette Livre, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lagardère SCA, is the world’s second largest trade book publisher with sales of €2,159 million ($3.175 million). It is #1 in France, #1 in the UK, #2 in Spain and #5 in the USA. It publishes over 17,000 new titles a year under more than one hundred different imprints in a dozen languages, but mainly in French, English and Spanish. It covers all segments of trade publishing: General fiction and non-fiction, mass market pocket books, books for young readers, illustrated books, travel guides, school books, as well as partworks. Its headquarters are in Paris, France. Visit the web site at http://www.hachette.com/
Lightning Source Inc. is part of Ingram Content Group Inc. which provides a broad range of physical and digital services to the book industry. Ingram’s operating units are Ingram Book Company, Lightning Source Inc., Ingram Digital, Ingram Periodicals Inc., Ingram International Inc., Ingram Library Services Inc., Spring Arbor Distributors Inc., Ingram Publisher Services Inc., Tennessee Book Company LLC, Coutts Information Services, and Ingram Marketing Group Inc. For more information, visit http://www.lightningsource.com/ and http://www.ingramcontent.com/

The full press release can be read on Authorlink News here.

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