Guernica Magazine: Nicorvo Examines The Death Of Literary Fiction

Guernica, a literary magazine of the arts and politics, features an article by poet and author Jay Baron Nicorvo in their April edition. Third Degree Burns is a fascinating look at what has caused the potential death of literary fiction. Nicorvo has written this feature in response to another article by Ted Genoways called The Death of Fiction which appeared in the January edition of Mother Jones, Virginia Quarterly Review.

Nicorvo begins with the following opening declaration:

“It’s not navel-gazing MFA graduates who are killing literary fiction, says Jay Nicorvo. It’s blockbuster-hungry book editors and their habit of anticipating anticipations. A response to Ted Genoways in Mother Jones.”
…and later continues:

“The dominant, dysfunctional business model for movies has been adapted for books. And this is why more authors like John Edgar Wideman have had enough; he’d rather self-publish and have a larger say than be hamstrung by a system favoring quantity over quality.”
You can read the whole of Nicorvo’s article in Guernica here.

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