Google Waver on Book Settlement in Europe

The Google Corporation is a little unsteady on its feet at the moment and this weekend we have seen the first signs of a concession on the Google Book Settlement. The Financial Times is reporting that Google have agreed to a concession to European publishers and authors to have two non-US representatives on the board of the registry that will administer the settlement. The Financial Times claim to have seen a letter sent to 16 European Union publishers’ representatives over the weekend.The letter is also believed to include a commitment from Google to consult with publishers before going ahead with digitalisation of European books. The letter also includes a commitment to deem books available in Europe, but out-of-print in the US, as still ‘commercially available’.

This news comes on the back of a week that has seen Google come under extraordinary global criticism for their decision to continue with implementation of the Google Book Settlement reached in October 2008 with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers.

Financial Times Article.

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