Google Books Settlement: Make Haste At Your Peril – Objectors

Judge Denny Chin, presiding over the Google Books Settlement case, has again been requested by opponents to ensure they are given ‘sufficient time to study and comment on any amended settlement agreement’ and that there are no limits on any objections. The call came from Yahoo and Microsoft, two of the most significant corporate objectors to Google.
Earlier this month, Judge Denny Chin requested Google and the plaintiffs to deliver a revised Settlement by November 9th. Judge Denny Chin indicated that his intention was to then schedule a hearing for December or January 2010 to bring this case to a conclusion. There is concern on behalf of the objectors to the Settlement that an eagerness by Judge Denny Chin and Google to fast tract this to a conclusion will once again result in a Settlement which will be legally flawed and open to continual challenges in the future.

‘We are deeply concerned that a shortened process based on minimum additional notice will seriously impair the ability of objectors, amici, and commentators to provided meaningful analysis of the proposed amended agreement to the court.’

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