Good Housekeeping: TIPM and TIPM Media

I’m not a great lover of writing rants or berating readers and correspondents of The Independent Publishing Magazine. However, the time has come to tighten up on some guidelines on submissions to the magazine and the work I do at TIPM Media.
Firstly, The Independent Publishing Magazine is open to people who would like to submit articles on publishing, service reviews (unbiased) and personal experiences of your indie/self-publishing journey. We also consider interviews with authors who have interesting or unique experiences in the book publishing world. No subject or theme is off-limits as long as it will prove interesting to readers of TIPM. It’s always important to field as wide an opinion as possible. Click the ‘Submit to TIPM’ if you would like us to consider your submission.
After five great years for TIPM, I’m still baffled by the number of erroneous and misplaced submissions we still receive. Let me be very clear on what we do not want…

  • We ARE NOT a publisher of books of ANY kind. We publish a magazine for authors and independent publishers which focuses on all aspects of the publishing industry, but with a particular emphasis on self-publishing and publishing service providers. Please DON’T send us your next novel for consideration or your 400 page book on ‘100 Years of Political Turmoil in Syria’ because we WON’T read it, let alone publish it.
  • We ARE NOT a distributor of books of ANY kind. Please DON’T send us an order for Thomas Mann’s, The Magic Mountain because you saw an edition of it published by CreateSpace or Lulu and you are Faculty Director at the University of Michigan and are looking for a copy of the book for ‘Professor Snoggins’ as soon as possible. Go look on Amazon to get the book and DON’T ask us to supply you with a copy because you ‘happened’ to see the TIPM review of CreateSpace or Lulu on Google.
  • Please read our submission guidelines fully, as well as becoming familiar with the content of TIPM, before sending us your article for consideration. No. We ARE NOT interested in your article about the game computing world, online educational courses, dog grooming or how to get the best holiday bargain, no matter how you think you can ‘tweak it’ for TIPM.
For the record, here are our guidelines in full…
The Independent Publishing Magazine (TIPM) is open to the submission of articles, features and interviews. Submissions are open to authors (published and unpublished), publishers/publishing service providers or writers who can clearly demonstrate an interest and understanding of the issues concerning authors, self-publishing, independent publishing, digital publishing and ebooks, as well as the wider issues in the publishing industry. Please ensure you have familiarized yourself with the content of TIPM and the suitability of your article before submitting.

Failure to adhere to the above guidelines will result – at best – to a form rejection reply.

We cover a great deal here, from expanded news stories, opinion pieces, author profiles, author service reviews and industry analysis. In all cases, we try to be objective, fair, but firm in editorial style.

We are also happy to receive press releases from media outlets and public relations’ representatives, but we cannot guarantee magazine space in full or part. Every submission will be appraised on suitability, value and context.

We are a small and resourceful operation, but most of the time, run off our feet! Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we simply cannot pay for any submissions. However, should your article be accepted, we will provide space for appropriate links and author biographies. In the event of several articles being accepted from one author for publication in TIPM over a period of time, you will be added to our writers’ role call in the magazine.

Please make email contact in first instance, outlining in a few succinct sentences your intended article/feature submission and use the word ‘submission’ in your email subject line.

All submissions and press releases should be emailed to this contact link.
Secondly, as editor of TIPM, and as a publishing consultant for TIPM Media (the parent company which publishes The Independent Publishing Magazine), I receive a great deal of correspondence every day. Aside from putting together the magazine and providing much of the content, TIPM exists out of pleasure and dedication on my part to provide a strong resource for independent authors and publishers. It brings in little remuneration through advertisement in comparison to the time and energy I invest in the magazine. My bread and butter comes through working as a full time publishing consultant at TIPM Media.
Balancing my time as editor of The Independent Publishing Magazine and running my consultancy at TIPM Media is a tricky but rewarding business and I have to ensure the lines between the two are not blurred. Unfortunately, not everyone – readers and clients sometimes – always appreciate this. Over the weekend I have rewritten some of the submission guidelines for TIPM as well as updating the contact information to make a clear distinction between my dual roles.
Please respect the fact that contacting the magazine, and contacting me directly as its editor, should purely be confined to matters relating to the magazine and its content, and not a way of obtaining free advice or a free consultation session in regards to your own publishing journey. I consider this practice by correspondents as lazy, opportunistic, and, at times, highly unprofessional. If I need the services of a plumber, mechanic, doctor or solicitor, I don’t email or call them and expect their services free of charge. I expect to pay for professional advice and any of the services they offer.
TIPM Media is a publishing consultancy for authors and publishers. It operates separately from The Independent Publishing Magazine and you can find the website and contact details there should you wish to avail of the services. I’m currently expanding the services available at TIPM Media and the website will be continually updated this week.
I can appreciate that some correspondents may have been somewhat confused that both magazine and consultancy may have been one in the same but I don’t believe that is an excuse for opportunism at times. As from today, correspondents contacting the magazine directly, seeking consultation and advice, will be referred to the TIPM Media website with a FORM reply. Please do not take this as a rebuff. I’m genuinely happy to work with you on your book project, and at TIPM Media, I will do all I can to make your publishing journey a success.
Just call it better housekeeping…      
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