Gemini International – Reviewed (Updated 2017)

Gemini International are an Irish-based printers servicing several Irish publishing houses as well as offering print services for self-publishing authors. Originally Gemini International Limited began in 1973 providing secretarial, copy typing, photocopying, publishing and printing services to Dublin’s city-centre business community. Gemini invested very early on in the 1990’s in digital page-composition systems and was one of the first Irish printing companies to invest in digital printing technology, installing its first Xerox Docutech.

Gemini also provides Document Lifecycle Management Services which include Copywriting, Translation, Graphic Design, Web Publishing, Digital Printing (Digital Colour and Black and White), Lithographic Printing, Warehousing, Assembly/Fulfilment and Distribution. Gemini is currently providing DLM services to several multinationals, international and national educational Institutions, and exports to over 40 countries worldwide.


Self-publishing is the preferred route where the audience for a particular work is small, too small to be of interest to traditional publishers or printers. It may be an expert work in a specialised technology, a historical work of local or family interest, or it may be the work of an unpublished poet or novelist testing the market.

Self-publishing authors take responsibility for all aspects of getting their own book to market.

The resultant control and financial benefits more than compensate for having to do the work oneself. Control begins with the assurance that the book will be published, and within weeks instead of months, or possibly years. There will be no rejection because of market size. Authors will not be asked to make changes to suit the publisher and, most importantly, they retain all legal rights to their work.

Financial benefits begin by not having to find and pay a literary agent. Authors get 100% of sales revenue instead of a small royalty, and because of digital print technology at our Dublin facility, they can publish small book quantities initially and reprint any quantity ‘on-demand.

In a document management Company such as Gemini International Limited, the application of information technology, desktop publishing, pre-press software, together with high-speed black and colour digital printing, enable us to take the author’s content, convert it into a structured electronic document, then digitally print and bind producing any quantity, even as low as fifty or a hundred copies, very economically.

With over thirty years printing experience, Gemini can also provide authors with any of the ancillary services – design, layout, proofreading, etc, at competitive rates. We do not, however, promote or market authors’ works as offered by the somewhat suspect ‘Vanity Publishers’.”


More details on Gemini International‘s print options can be found here.
My experience has been for self-publishing authors to deliver a print-ready file to digital print services, though Gemini will work with an author to some degree to convert their submitted content into a PDF.
Gemini International is an award winning Irish printer and they do not engage in selling anything more to authors than what they can provide. Therefore, you won’t find any marketing services or dream-speak here. Unlike large unique digital book printers like Lightning Source, Gemini deal in short print runs ‘on demand’ as well as digital lithography runs. This is not a print service if you are looking for a handful of copies of your book, but ideal if you are looking for print and fulfilment services on short runs of 100 to 500, at a time.
For further details on pricing and requirements, Gemini International can be contacted here for quotes.
UPDATE 2017: Website no longer working. Not an option now for authors.

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