Full Circle Editions – Overview

Liz Calder lived over her family’s grocery in Edgware until she was eleven years of age. She began travelling around the world and became a model and journalist in Brazil before returning to England and getting into the publishing industry. She quickly demonstrated a gift for identifying outstanding writers and carved out a reputation at Jonathan Cape Publishers before she became a co-founder of Bloomsbury Publishing; ultimately spotting the talents of J. K. Rowling and launching the Harry Potter series on the world. She has also launched the careers of Rushdie, Barnes and Brookner, and she was the first UK publisher to snap up John Irving. So, why do I mention Liz Calder?
Calder has started a new publishing venture called Full Circle Editions in the UK. The venture is being founded by Calder, her husband, Louis Baum, a former editor at thebookseller, and two TV producers, John and Genevieve Christie. The first book to be published by Full Circle Editions is a book of poetry called ‘The Burning of the Books’ by poet George Szirtes and artist Ronald King. This first offering is meant to cement Full Circle Editions as a publisher of physically beautiful books inside and outside. The book itself comes in a slipcase and is printed on high quality cream paper with fold out sections. You feel Full Circle Editions are reflecting back to book publishing a hundred years ago when it seemed each published title was unique physically as well as by its content.
It is difficult to say how esoteric and indulgent an offering Full Circle Editions will prove to be, and when we discover this, it will perhaps tell us how long the venture will last. Ultimately, if it is to be successful, it must at first embrace the tastes and delicacies of its founders, carve its mark, but like all endearing and lasting imprints, it must develop its own identity as defined by its authors if it is to survive and raise its head above the mainstream publishing mulch. Liz Calder’s reputation goes before her and there is no one in the industry that deserves to be more indulgent and original in the industry with a new publishing venture, yet, Full Circle Editions faces the same challenges as all new publishers will face this year and any other year.

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