FT Article and Jamie Byng’s Incredible Shrinking iPad

Yesterday’s edition of the Financial Times ran a piece by Feargus O’Sullivan entitled, ‘Publishing industry holds breath over electronic books’. The thrust of the piece is that the arrival of ebooks and reader devices like the Kindle and iPad are causing the biggest upheavel in the publishing world since the Gutenberg invented the printing press.  
The genteel world of publishing rarely lends itself to such rash statements, but the excitement and fear is almost unprecedented since the beginning of the book printing industry. As Jamie Byng, the founder of Canongate Books, publisher of Booker Prize-winner Life of Pi, puts it: “It’s like the bloody Wild West at the moment.”
The piece also features a photograph of Canongate’s founder, Jamie Byng, looking quizzically at the camera while holding what is cited in the photograph caption as an Apple iPad. Trouble is, either my eyes are deceiving me, or that iPad has shrunk in the wash! 

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