Frankfurt Expands Self-Publishing Events for 2014 Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fairwill expand its programme of self-publishing events at this year’s fair in October. The move reflects the growing presence of self-publishing solutions companies, self-published authors and related seminars and discussions at international book fairs.

This year Frankfurt will host a full two-day program sponsored by Nook Press, IngramSpark and Kobo. Authoright, a provider of support and services to authors and have hosted events at recent London Book Fairs, will present a step-by-step guide to publishing a book, tips for working with literary agents, and a discussion on getting your work noticed by readers.
You can a full list of self-publishing events in Frankfurt at this link.
TIPM will also be covering events in Frankfurt from October 8th to 12th.

Two-day programme in English for authors and self-publishers on 10–11 October.
Authors from around the world and everyone interested in the topic of self-publishing are invited to participate in a two-day programme that offers them a curated experience at the world’s largest gathering of the global publishing industry, the Frankfurt Book Fair.
You will have the chance to network with publishing professionals, connect with fellow authors, and learn more about the global publishing business.
This two-day programme will include:
  • Guided tours through Hall 8.0, with stops at major self-publishing companies and service providers
  • Workshops and seminars on Friday, 10 October, including expert speakers from around the globe
  • Full-day stage programme on Saturday, 11 October, dedicated to self-publishing and the evolving role of authors in the international book publishing industry
  • Opportunities to network with fellow authors and publishing industry professionals

Mick Rooney – Publishing Consultant

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