Final Heads Up on TIPM, TIPM Media and Seeking Advice

Okay, I posted about the issue of submissions and contacting TIPM (the magazine) a few weeks ago, but clearly some may have missed the original post.

As editor of TIPM and as a publishing consultant for TIPM Media (the parent company which publishes The Independent Publishing Magazine), I receive a great deal of correspondence every day. Aside from putting together the magazine and providing much of the content, TIPM exists out of pleasure and dedication on my part to provide a strong resource for independent authors and publishers. It brings in little remuneration through advertisement in comparison to the time and energy I invest in the magazine. My bread and butter comes through working as a full time publishing consultant at TIPM Media.

However, The Independent Publishing Magazine is always interested in article submissions that help to inform and stimulate readers with a unique or inspiring viewpoint. PLEASE read the submission guidelines before you submit something. 

Balancing my time as editor of The Independent Publishing Magazine and running my consultancy at TIPM Media is a tricky but rewarding business and I have to ensure the lines between the two are not blurred. Unfortunately, not everyone – readers and clients sometimes – always appreciate this. The submission and contact details clearly make the distinction between my dual roles.
Please respect the fact that contacting the magazine, and contacting me directly as its editor, should purely be confined to matters relating to the magazine and its content, and not a way of obtaining free advice or a free consultation session in regards to your own publishing journey. I consider this practice by correspondents as lazy, opportunistic, and, at times, highly unprofessional. If I need the services of a plumber, mechanic, doctor or solicitor, I don’t email or call them and expect their services free of charge. I expect to pay for professional advice and any of the services offered.
TIPM Media is a publishing consultancy for authors and publishers. It operates separately from The Independent Publishing Magazine and you can find the website and contact details there should you wish to avail of the services. I’m currently expanding the services available at TIPM Media and the website has now been updated.
I can appreciate that some correspondents may have been somewhat confused that both magazine and consultancy may have been one and the same but I don’t believe that is an excuse for opportunism at times. As from now, correspondents contacting the magazine directly, seeking consultation and advice, will be referred to the TIPM Media website with a FORM reply. Please do not take this as a rebuff. I’m genuinely happy to work with you on your book project, but the time, place and professional approach is through TIPM Media, I will do all I can to make your publishing journey as an author or your company a success. Please do not email the magazine asking for advice on choosing a self-publishing provider or what I think about so and so service. Private consultations will only be considered through the services offered by TIPM Media.  
Just call it good housekeeping…
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